Tsarren (tsarren) wrote in pagan_skeptics,

Short Totem Rant (you've probably seen something like this before...)

I am just this side of the borderline of post/not post. Having had anger management issues recently, I will take the opportunity to vent in a contextually relevant forum and risk boring people rather than keep it bottled up.

For the nth time recently, I saw another "I saw this animal, so it must be one of my totems now, and I looked up its significance/meaning."


Someone I know recently posted in their journal that they saw a hawk, and had read somewhere that hawks were messengers, and wrote a few paragraphs on what message is is that the Universe/whatever was trying to send them. I commented, "well, someone must be trynig to get ahold of me pretty badly, because I see hawks every day." Relevant because this person and I live in the same metroplex. I just happen to be more observent.

I suppose my patience is worn thin because here in Austin TX, 180-some-odd miles from the coast, there are STILL people crowding the grocery stores buying up all the bread and water. All for what will amount to a nasty thunderstorm. And to bring this on topic, I saw another message from someone saying that their daughter had contributed a measurable percentage to Rita veering off Houston. I'm teetering on the brink of telling her, "great, if that's the case, which of course isn't provable, how do you think the people who are going to get hit because of her feel?"
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