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stupid question

I'm a little confused about something. Please refrain from chucking rotten fruit my way, because I honestly need people's opinions and explanations. It doesn't help that I'm running on zero sleep right now, but I'm having a hard time with this.

For those of you who worship Lilith in particular, did you always acknowledge Christianity? Do you now? If you do not believe in the Christian god, the devil, that the world was created in seven days, that Adam and Eve were the first humans, etc. - how do you believe that Lilith exists? Do you believe that she existed pre-Christianity, and that Christianity adopted her? Or perhaps you in fact believe that Adam and Eve existed and the whole shebang - how do you view the Christian god who would have created them all? Is it simply that the Christian god is another guise of "the God," or do you believe he is one of many individual gods and goddesses, but isn't in fact the ultimate creator of the entire universe?

Although I'm sure most of the posters here don't fall in the "I'm pagan now because I had a horribly strict religious family and I needed to rebel" camp, I haven't heard much about views on the Christian god, their creation story, and Jesus. How does (or doesn't) it fit into your beliefs?

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