ladynina (ladynina) wrote in pagan_skeptics,

My first rant - why can't we all just get along...

Paganism. It's got so confused. Is it viewed as a bunch of religions sheltering under one umbrella, a set of philosophies, an area for academic study, a *great* marketing tool or something to annoy the Christian right with? It's all of the above depending on who you're communicating with at the time. And what a range of people there are out there.

But what ever happened to politeness? Is it really necessary (as seems to be the case with so many on and off line discussions) to castigate those who don't fit in with some arbitary view of what paganism means? And why is it done with such vitriolic passion?

Is it naive to want a little bit more peace and harmony and a little less mud slinging in the community of those who identify as pagan of what ever flavour?

Thumper's parent's had the idea 'If you can't say something nice...'
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