Lynn (shamanwest) wrote in pagan_skeptics,

Because we wanted a topic...


Recently this tiny little icy world has been recategorized from Planet to Dwarf Planet, a downgrading that has many railing at the Astronomers "How could you?", "How do you expect us to memorize 8 planets when it was hard enough for us to memorize 9?" and "Man, you a hater!"

But seriously, there has been some discussion across the net it seems (I was kind of amazed when someone told me, so I had to look it up for myself) of what this will do to Astrology.




Here is my problem with this discussion. IS something like the influence of Heavenly bodies on a person/generation's life actually affected one way or another by what we call it. Shakespear himself once said "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" or something like that. I'm only an English major, not a shakespear-loving Savant. If Pluto's effect on the Astrological charts is genuine, then is this something that would really be altered because Scientists decided to call it something besides a planet?

I suppose that if you follow the idea that man truly does shape the universe with his will, then maybe. Though I don't think that there are many people who beleive that idea on this scale.

So, since this has been pretty dead and it got brought up, I thought I'd start discussion.

Hey, it is something to do.
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