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Have you ever found yourself shaking your head at posts in other pagan communities?

Have you ever shaken your fist at the computer screen at the inane responses to your questioning someone else's beliefs?

Have you ever been accused of being an asshole or a bigot merely for sharing contradictory information?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you might want to check out what we have to say. That is, if we're saying anything at all. We may not be posting on this site on a day to day basis, but this is merely because we believe in the saying...."Quality over Quantity."

We only have a few rules here.

1. No temper tantrums allowed. Do not throw a hissy fit if no one here agrees with you. It is an inevitability in life.

2. In this community, research trumps personal experience. Your UPG can be mentioned but cannot be forced on anyone else.

3. Please keep posts on topic. It should have something to do with paganism, magic, or the occult in some form. We don't buy into the assumption that paganism = nature-oriented religion. You can mention any nature topic or ecological conservation topic as long as you tie it into a belief system.

4. If you want to contribute to post topics for discussion or comment to them, you must join the community. I really don't think that's too much to ask. This is not a breeding ground for "witch wars" so if you want to debate with others here, stick your neck out and join.

5. Do not delete other peoples comments. Only the "moderators" get to do that. Don't delete your posts, either, if you get all upset by the responses. Turn off the "email comments" option and buck up.

6. Much like a casino, we reserve the right to kick anyone out, and then beat them up and take their money.


Criticize us. Question theories, beliefs, experiences posted here. Grill us about our personal religious philosophies, or that strange ghostly encounter we had.

Why do we put up with it? Do we like to be criticized? No, no one enjoys it. Everyone feels a proprietary affection for his or her ideas and findings. Even so, you don't reply to critics, "wait, a minute, this is a really good idea; I'm very fond of it; it's done you no harm; please leave it alone." Instead, the hard but just rule is that if the ideas don't work, you must throw them away. Don't waste neurons on what doesn't work. Devote those neurons to new ideas that better explain the data. The British physicist Michael Faraday warned of the powerful temptation:

to seek for such evidence and appearances as are in the favour of our desires, and to disregard those which oppose them ... We receive as friendly that which agrees with [us], we resist with dislike that which opposes us; whereas the very reverse is required by every dictate of common sense.

Valid criticism does you a favor.

Any questions, comments or concerns, email the moderator(s) at [chaos_current@livejournal.com] or [slate1198@livejournal.com].

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