Rev. Smiley (devourtheliving) wrote in pagan_skeptics,
Rev. Smiley

A reason to believe

I'm in a bit of an unusual predicament here.

See, I believe that there are personality types for whom theism is the best option, regardless of its factual basis; some people just plain need a religion of some kind. There are also personality types for whom atheism is the best option,, regardless of whether or not a deity of any kind exists; i.e., some people don't need religion, or are harmed by religion.

I am in the rather awkward position of being an atheist with a theistic personality. I'm one of those guys who needs a religion of some sort, yet I'm completely and utterly skeptical of the existence of the supernatural (which, to my mind, is sort of a prerequisite for theism). I have an extremely hard time accepting any claims of supernatural encounters, the arguments all seem weak, and I have never had what I could call a "religious experience." In short, I have no reason to believe in the supernatural or paranormal, or to adopt a religious system of any kind.

And yet, I want to.

I'm looking for a reason to believe; and since this is a community for pagans who are also skeptics, I thought this would be a good place to start. If you have any compelling reasons for holding to a theistic belief of any kind, I'm all ears.

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