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Ok pagan skeptics, what is the most productive way to deal with fluffiness in your own religious community?
a) Point and laugh to their face
b) Give up and ignore them
c) Say nothing to them, but blow off steam about it on LJ
d) Confront the person personally
e) Form a committee

What about if you see something more than just 'fluffiness' in your own religious community - such as warning signs of abuse, corruption, or other issues that either twist or outright oppose the ethics of your religion?

I find this is a particularly touchy issue with pagans, as it is so ingrained in us to be "tolerant" - often to the point of self-censorship, or an inability to resolve conflicts. I find that many pagans just don't know how to act, or what to do if they find something going on in their 'backyard' (whether it's your religion, tradition, coven, grove, temple, group of friends, etc.) that they really feel is over the line and repugnant, ethically speaking. Then any attempt to confront the issue is likely to be met with total indignation and anger rather than calm reasoning. Pagans are so obsessed with having the 'rights' to do anything we want, that sometimes I find people forget that other 'r' word, 'responsibilities' - as in being responsible for upholding what you supposedly signed up for when you converted to said religion.

It seems to be a fairly universal concern within paganism that there are often a few - usually outspoken and highly visible - 'bad apples' that can give the rest of us a bad name. This is something we probably all have to struggle with to some extent. But when it comes to how we respond to that, people get so scared of 'stepping on toes' or looking like 'fundies' that they often shut themselves up rather than speak out.

In your opinion, what is the best way to confront these issues without creating an even larger disaster?

N.B. - Obviously this is all rather a moot point if you are not a part of any particular religion, community, group, etc.
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