Cas (ques_nova) wrote in pagan_skeptics,

An intro and a question for the group.

Hi, I'm Cassandra and I found this community through a friend's journal and thought it looked interesting so I joined. There was something else that caught my interest though than just the general content of the community. It was quite stressed in the profile that pagan does not mean earth-based religion for your group. I'm not arguing that point, mind you, but it brought to mind a question I've asked in some other pagan communities (ussually resulting in my leaving said community after having sufficiently pissed off the majority of the members) and I thought, Sure, why not give it a shot here?
The question is this: How do you define pagan? Going from dictionary defintions, nine out of ten times the defintion is something to the effect of someone who is neither Christian, Jew or Muslim. While this defintion includes most of those who identify as pagan (with exception of those who practice both Christianity/Judaism/Islam and a pagan religion), it also includes many who generally wouldn't identify as pagan (such as atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, etc...) Some, using a rather "pc" approach, would say anyone who identifies as pagan is. Personally, I lean more towards the dictionary definition, though I recognize that neither definition is terribley useful when trying to explain paganism and for most it comes down to a definition of their personal form of paganism, but if we had to come up with a large scale definition, what do you think it is?

Thanks for your time and letting me join your community.
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