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Who are you? What are you?

I've met and/or heard of several people in real life (not on Otherkin communities) who claim to be supernatural beings, at least in spirit.

Well, I have seen some evidence that these claims may not be entirely false.

The main problem I have is that certain people take the attitude that to be an occult practitioner and have any access to real power, one must have some kind of backstory. Either it's genetic, or because of a past incarnation, or one is not entirely human. Something sets this person apart, other than his or her study of occult and mystical practices.

First there is Wolfboy. He believes that at the beginning of time he was an angel of death. He fell, or was framed or banished. Then he was vampiric for a while. He currently has wolfish aspects such as elongated canines, multi-colored eyes, lots of hair, thick nails, cravings for meat and a tendency to playfully chew on his friends.

Next, Leora. Leora the fallen angel who is also a fairy. She claims to have been Wolfboy's victim when he was vampiric. Her mother (who she despises) was found in the forest as an infant. Leora claims to be able to put spirits in objects that other people can sense.

Faith. An angel-dragon-fairy-kemetic. She claims to have seen an angel welded to her spirit-body upside-down. She feels that she has wings and claims that others can feel them too.

Dan. Just a guy with silver wings. Visible only to random women in bars, so far.

Cheryl. A fairy-cat person. Also a kemetic. (Probably just a coincidence.) She claims to have two bisexual elves wandering around with her on occasion. She cultivates her cat aspects by making cat noises, crouching to drink from shallow dishes, and batting at things.

Carol. A dragon. We'll all get along okay as long as we know she's a dragon. She has exceptional strength and few physical defects. Her tongue is very long.

Others? Why yes, there are others, but these have the best stories.

Who else out there believes themselves to be not entirely human? Why do you think this? Does this affect your magickal workings and is it possible for some one without this inhuman aspect (or powerful past life experience) to be a serious occult practitioner?

Any resemblence to people you actually know is probably purely coincidental. Chances are good that you DON'T know these people.

Go ahead and post what you want! My opinions on this matter are pretty much already set.
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