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This ought to be interesting...

Lately, I have come across lots of people that say Wicca is a religion. I honestly thought of it as a religion, Because of some of the main thoughts behind it. However, I know of some people who swear by the fact that it is indeed a religion, Like one of my friends at school. There is a web comic that i used to read (until it got stupid) called Oh My Gods!
There was a comic that the author made that stated 'Wicca - Pretending to be an ancient religion since 1957'
That was on my wallpaper on my computer which he started to use. He read that and told me that it offended him.

Mind you, It was a joke because the author himself Is a Wiccan.

Let me know how you feel/what you think about this.
Don't get me wrong - I know a lot about it. I have been studying it and learning many things about it since about 2001.

But this is somehting I have been noticing just lately. I know a lot of people that still refer to it as a faith, or a belief.

I think it's a belief, not a religion, But how about you?

Just curious...
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