Thing Behind the Pantry (giftchild) wrote in pagan_skeptics,
Thing Behind the Pantry

a question -

i tried to e-mail the address listed on the group profile page but it boutnced, so i will ask it here.

not trying to start anything dramatic, just curious and a bit of a language geek, perhaps even skeptical enough to even be skeptical of your skeptisism. ; ^ )

reguardless, the subject is this -

"We don't buy into the assumption that paganism = nature-oriented religion."

then what is it? to my admittedly language-geek mind the following appear:

- pagan, from the latin pagus, meaning 'country district', tilled land, place of nature with some influence of man.

- heathen, from the germanic heath, un-tilled land, place of nature, man-influence-free.

both have to do with nature.

how do you see pagan as _not_ nature related? or are you just using the word
'pagan' instead of 'polytheistic' ? (though most all polytheistic religions
have pagan aspects to them as well, related but separate topic.)

interested to hear your views.
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